Metal, Ink, and Monospacing - April 26, 2017

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Metal, Ink, and Monospacing
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Long live the typewriter | ANZ BlueNotes

ANZ BlueNotes. The typewriter might be 150 year old technology but like the vinyl LP, it’s staving off extinction with avid devotees keeping it alive.

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Tom Hanks: Typewriter Technology ‘Can Never be Hacked by Forces of Evil’

This summer, actor Tom Hanks will promote the advantages of typewriter technology in a new documentary.

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First Look at the Retro 'Freewrite' Smart Typewriter | News & Opinion |

With its old-school look and e-ink display, Freewrite wants you to stay focused on your writing. This being 2017, though, your musings are automatically synced to the cloud.

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