Recommended Typewriter Accessories - Part 1

You've bought a beautiful vintage typewriter and now you're wondering what accessories you may need.  One essential accessory for your typewriter is a nice typewriter pad.

Typewriter Pads

I  use a typewriter pad most any time I am using a typewriter.  What is a typewriter pad?  It's really just a cushioned pad that is placed under a typewriter to help hold the machine in place and to absorb any vibration.  My current favorites are these sold by Richard Polt.  They are the perfect size for most all my typewriters and have a rubber packing which really helps keep my typewriter in place when I'm typing.  Even better, the proceeds go to a good cause.  Go buy yourself a couple and see for yourself.

typewriter pads

I also own one that I purchased from years ago.  It is a nice, thick pad of wool felt but it does have a tendency to move around since it doesn't have a rubber backing.  It's also a bit pricey compared to other options.

Some people also use carpet squares that you find at your local carpet store.  Again, those probably will work best if they have a rubber backing applied to them otherwise you'll find yourself chasing your typewriter across the table.

From time to time, I've also been given vintage typewriter pads and most of those seem to work pretty well too.  

Have you found another alternative for typewriter pads?  If so, comment below!

Stay tuned for my next post!


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