Recommended Typewriter Accessories - Part 2 - Colored Typewriter Ribbons!

Last time, I wrote about one essential typewriter accessory, the typewriter pad.  In this blog post, I thought I'd write about another recommended typewriter accessory:  colored typewriter ribbons!

Traditionally, typewriters have used solid black ribbons or half red/half black ribbons.  Those are the two most common typewriter ribbons available for purchase today.  Those are the ones I sell in my shop on

However, it's great fun to add a splash of color to your typewritten notes, poems, and letters.  A green typewriter ribbon is perfect for the holiday season that is just a few weeks away!  Have fun with it.

We're also fortunate enough that colored typewriter ribbons are fairly easy to come by.  Recently, I purchased FJA's 7 pack colored ribbon pack a few weeks ago.  It's great fun!  I would like to have had a brown ribbon too - brown print would look fantastic on off-white paper.  Order yourself a color ribbon or two and have fun.  They can be found on eBay.

colored typewriter ribbons




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