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Where to Buy Typewriter Ribbons for Manual Typewriters and the IBM Selectric

One of the most frequent questions I receive is "Can you still buy typewriter ribbon"? The answer is "Yes!".  We're very fortunate that typewriter ribbons continue to be manufactured and sold.  One can buy ribbons for most typewriters, everything from the Selectric I typewriter to vintage manual typewriters of all kinds. The next question often is, "Where can I buy a typewriter ribbon?".  I'm happy to report there are several good businesses that can ship a typewriter ribbon right to your door.  Let me name a few that I've had good experiences with. Baco Ribbon.  This is my go-to vendor for typewriter ribbons that I use and resell.  The customer service is outstanding and the ribbons are great.  Baco ribbons are...

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How to Care for a Typewriter

Like any machine, typewriters require a certain amount of maintenance and care to keep them performing well.  In the day when typing classes were common, students would learn how to care for a typewriter.  Since those days are long gone, I thought I would share a few tips on how to care for a typewriter. Always keep your typewriter covered when not in use.  Typewriters tend to collect dust which over time will create problems like sticking type bars.  Try to keep it covered as much as possible. Avoid liquid correction fluid.  Liquid correction fluid is messy and tends to drip on the platen and paper bail rollers.  Correction tape is a better option. Dust your machine regularly.  Take a...

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