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Slowing Down With a Typewriter: The Meandered Musings of a Not-So-Practical-Poet

  If you know me well, you know that I'm always interested to hear about a person's experience with their new writing machine.  To that end, I asked Brandon if he would mind to write a piece reflecting on his experience with his newly acquired Smith-Corona Silent typewriter.  He graciously agreed.  Take a few minutes and read Brandon's reflections below.  You'll be glad you did. --Bryan --------------------------------------------------------------------- Slowing Down With a Typewriter:The Meandered Musings of a Not-So-Practical-Poet I think I was about eight years old, maybe nine. It’s funny the things that memory opts to keep so fresh, even as years and years fade. I remember this particular moment like it was yesterday. I remember the cold kitchen linoleum underneath my...

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