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Recommended Typewriter Accessories - Part 1

You've bought a beautiful vintage typewriter and now you're wondering what accessories you may need.  One essential accessory for your typewriter is a nice typewriter pad. Typewriter Pads I  use a typewriter pad most any time I am using a typewriter.  What is a typewriter pad?  It's really just a cushioned pad that is placed under a typewriter to help hold the machine in place and to absorb any vibration.  My current favorites are these sold by Richard Polt.  They are the perfect size for most all my typewriters and have a rubber packing which really helps keep my typewriter in place when I'm typing.  Even better, the proceeds go to a good cause.  Go buy yourself a couple and...

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A Report on the Lexington Type-In

On Sunday, August 28, we held our first KyTyper Type-In at a very cool coffee shop here in Lexington, A Cup of Commonwealth.  These folks have a real heart for our city and for building community and were totally onboard with allowing us to hold a Type-In. It's always tough to know just how many people to expect at a Type-In.  We were pleasantly surprised that about 20 people came for a few hours of typewriter fun.  We were a little short on space but everyone took it in stride and seemed to make the best of it.  It was fun seeing the various typewriters that people brought along.  There was quite a variety of machines - everything from an...

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An Interview with Richard Polt, Author of The Typewriter Revolution

I had the privilege of meeting Richard Polt several years ago at a type-in I helped organize (along with my friend, Brian Brumfield). Richard is well-known in the typosphere and has recently written a book that will be of interest to all typewriter enthusiasts, titled The Typewriter Revolution:  A Typist's Companion for the 21st Century. He graciously agreed to be interviewed about his new book and I am happy to share it with you.     Why did you write the book? I was surprised and excited to see people in the 21st century adopting typewriters, not as collectibles but as creative tools. There are lots of dimensions to this development—art, psychology, politics, education… but I wanted to see if I...

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