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Slowing Down With a Typewriter: The Meandered Musings of a Not-So-Practical-Poet

  If you know me well, you know that I'm always interested to hear about a person's experience with their new writing machine.  To that end, I asked Brandon if he would mind to write a piece reflecting on his experience with his newly acquired Smith-Corona Silent typewriter.  He graciously agreed.  Take a few minutes and read Brandon's reflections below.  You'll be glad you did. --Bryan --------------------------------------------------------------------- Slowing Down With a Typewriter:The Meandered Musings of a Not-So-Practical-Poet I think I was about eight years old, maybe nine. It’s funny the things that memory opts to keep so fresh, even as years and years fade. I remember this particular moment like it was yesterday. I remember the cold kitchen linoleum underneath my...

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How to Use a Manual Typewriter

 Many people today have never had the opportunity to use a vintage typewriter until they purchase one. I thought it might be helpful to provide some videos like this one to educate and support new typewriter enthusiasts! I often get questions on how to load paper into a typewriter or how to set margins. I made a short overview video on how to use a typewriter. I hope it’s helpful! Video Topics How to Load Paper How to Set Margins How to Adjust Line Spacing How to Use the Ribbon Color Selector How to Reverse the Direction of the Ribbon

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