At Kentucky Typer, we service most vintage typewriters--everything from the Iarger manual desktops to the ultra portables. We service the central Kentucky area but often find ourselves working on machines from neighboring states as well. We do our best to get your machine up and running well again. 

Models include:

  • Vintage Portable Typewriters (Royal, Smith-Corona, Olympia, Remington, etc.)
  • Vintage Desk Size/Standard Typewriters (Royal, Smith-Corona, Olympia, Remington, etc.)
  • IBM Selectric I, IBM Selectric II, IBM Selectric III.  One of the best typewriters ever made.  We now have a supplier for new cycle clutch pulleys, a common point of failure on these machines.  Until recently, no new part was available.
  • IBM/Lexmark Wheelwriters.  We service and repair Wheelwriter typewriters and can usually source any needed repair parts or supplies you need as well.

Give us a call today (859-264-7384) or email us ( for a quote.

We'll never charge you for work you don't authorize.


If you happen to live in the Winchester, KY area, contact my friend and mentor Ed Reed for your Selectric and Wheelwriter repairs.  He has over 40 years of experience and can get your machine up and running like new!  Check out his website at