The Royal Model No. 10 (X) Typewriter

Royal 10 Typewriter

The Royal 10 (X) typewriter is one of my favorite standard-sized typewriters.  I seem to always be working on one of these beauties whether it's one I'm refurbishing for a customer or one I'm planning on selling.  These are iconic typewriters that carry the well-known Royal brand.

The Royal Typewriter Company was founded in 1904 by Thomas Fortunes Ryan and Edward B. Hess in Brooklyn, NY.  Two years later, their first typewriter, the Royal Standard was sold.  Royal purchased land in Hartford CT in 1906 for its new manufacturing facility and opened it in 1908. 

Not long after, Royal began producing its first upright design, the famous Model 10 typewriter.  The early models of this machine came with open side panels.   Starting in 1915, the Royal 10 was manufactured with two bevelled glass panels on either side of the machine.  Eight years later, the two bevelled glass panels were done away with and were replaced by single glass bevels on either side.  The Royal Model no. 10 was manufactured for decades and is still a favorite of many typewriter enthusiasts.