*Refurbished Blue Royal Aristocrat Typewriter with Warranty

*Refurbished Blue Royal Aristocrat Typewriter with Warranty

$ 225.00

Check out this blue Royal Aristocrat Typewriter with carrying case. It's a nice example of this era of typewriter.  Nice snappy typing action.  Not too loud.  Lots of people like these.

Here are a few of the items that have been done:

  • Platen cleaned and checked
  • Machine mechanics cleaned by hand with solvent
  • Lubricated machine with 100% industrial oil, by hand
  • Sprayed mechanics with a light oil to prevent oxidation
  • Adjustments checked (line spacing, red/black ribbon setting, type bar trip, type alignment, backspace, tabulator, ribbon reverse, variable line finder, shift lock, paper release lever, Magic Margins)
  • Type slugs cleaned by hand
  • Machine has been fully tested
  • Hard carrying case cleaned and lubricated
  • Applied museum-grade wax on chrome for protection 

I also warranty this machine for 6 months on parts and labor. (Warranty excludes accidental damage, abuse, neglect, and any Act of God.)

Please let me know if you have any questions that I can answer.