*Remington Remette Typewriter with Warranty
*Remington Remette Typewriter with Warranty

*Remington Remette Typewriter with Warranty

$ 399.00



(Allow for additional turnaround time).

Recovered Platen.  If you choose a recovered platen you'll receive a platen that has been freshly recovered with new rubber (regular gray color) by my friends at JJ Short & Associates.

Back to the Remette . . . the beauty of these machines is their simplicity.  This is your "no frills" typewriter.  No bell.  No tabulator.  No right margin stop.  It just does one thing and does it well---types!

The Remette was manufacturer from 1938-1942.  It was a Consumer Reports "Best Buy" in 1941 and competed against other small portables of the day like the Corona Zeyphyr.  Over 192,000 were made over five years.

This particular Remette comes with a black ribbon.  It will be fully refurbished meaning that it will be cleaned inside and out, all old lubricants removed, plus the platen and feed rollers will be recovered.  Of course, I will go through all adjustments to make sure it's working 100% just like when it came from the factory.  Overall, a really fun typewriter to use with it's "flying" type bars.  It's sure to gain attention from others.

Comes with original carrying case, in better than average condition.

Please contact us with any question!  info@kytyper.com.